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At Busy Beaver, our aim is to contribute to all aspects of a child's development: physical, cognitive, emotional, language and social.  Our primary focus is to foster a positive self-image, promote growth on all levels and challenge and stimulate each child's potential.  We are child-centered where the "magic" within each child is recognized as essential to growth, self-esteem and learning.

Our Goals

Encourage positive feelings


While your child is at Busy Beaver we want to encourage them to feel positively not only about us, but about themselves, school and the environment they find

themselves in.

Physical Development


Your child's education isn't the only thing we care about here at Busy Beaver. We'll provide a variety of games and activities to give your child the physical activity they need to stay healthy.

Developmental Activities


With our years of experience, we've learned that it's essential that developmental activities for children are not only interesting, but age-appropriate as well. Your child will be provided this at Busy Beaver.

Other Goals


We encourage your child to share with others.


We'll help your child to learn how to work well with others.


Your child will learn how to think for themselves.

Problem Solve

We encourage children to find solutions to their problems.

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